I went to check my email today, on a cold, wet, depressing day and found something that made me smile.

It was an email letting me know a project I did for Anastasia Leng, the co-founder of Makeably, was featured in a nice write up on Makeably’s front page. Made my day! See the article here.


-Photo from Anastasia of her grandmother and the drawing.

Anastasia wanted a drawing based off of an old photo of her grandmother. The photo was beautiful and I enjoyed creating my own interpretation of it as a drawing.

I was inspired after working on Anastasia’s project to make more drawings from old photographs.

In fact, I have a project going on where you can get a free drawing based off of an old photo if you submit the photo to me and let me use it in a project called the “Photos and Short Stories Project”. Read more about that here.

I’m also working on using old photos for a illustrated serial I’m writing called “On the Near North Side” – stay tuned for updates on that. You can also follow that blog here.

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