So we didn’t make it to day 30. :-(. But, I blame it in our inedible pineapple meatballs.

It was day 23. We were baking the meatballs while we went on a run. Then we had to go to the store and come home and eat before going to a concert. There was a good aroma when we walked into the apartment, so we figured the meatballs would be tasty. I started trying to salvage our wilty salad greens to make a side salad for each of us. Jeff tasted the meatballs. They were watery and didn’t taste at all like they smelled.

We had about an hour to go to the store and get to the concert.

“After the store, let’s get King Kong,” I suggested.

So we ordered two medium rare top-sirloin steaks with fries and a Greek salad. We figured that was close enough to Whole30 compliant in an emergency situation. But the salads had feta cheese and what was steak without steak sauce? Fries without ketchup? (We didn’t eat the pita bread).

So I said, “Let’s just end it.”

Neither of us were miraculously healthier. We were slimmer, though. We decided to keep some elements of the diet. But we would drink alcohol and use our condiments.

And I wouldn’t have to cook everyday!

Here’s some of my journal drawings from the challenge:

wpid-img_20150718_205218.jpgwpid-img_20150718_205120.jpgdoro watwpid-wp-1437945455513.jpegwpid-wp-1438545610786.jpeg

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