Hey! I’m Elise (the one with the fro). Haha. Thanks for checking out my website containing my writing and art projects!

A little about me: I’m married to Jefferson (who I always call Jeff) and work for a great law firm as a legal secretary.   I have an attraction to side hustles (and a dream of being my own boss) which has led me to creating this site and our Airbnb cohosting site, theschaecherfamilyhosts.wordpress.com.  But this year my goal is to find contentment with my current blessings and to have a balanced view of these efforts!

When I have the time – I love to draw – people in particular. That is one thing about me that hasn’t changed since I was a little girl. Over the past few years the subject matter that has interested me most is related to history and the great migration of African Americans.

I do other interesting things – like a few years ago I learned to read Arabic.  Now I am trying to learn the Sudanese tribal language, Nuer.

On my website , named after my Etsy Shop, you can find out about my quirky artwork, my daily musings, internet sites that I’ve found to helpful as an aspiring small business owner, and other relevant things.

Thanks and feel free to introduce yourself or say hello below!


  1. Hi! I’m also an Elise and have been working on Arabic for a couple of years, and I love your work! Best of luck!

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